150 East 77th Street

Get a piece of happiness and freedom!

This luxury apartment is another interesting project from Grandeur Hills Group interior studio designers who succeeded in perfectly answering the question “How to get the look for your apartment?” by using advanced interior designers tricks. You can see it for yourselves.

The main feature of this apartment is a convenient arrangement of all furniture pieces, thanks to which the apartment gets additional free space. In the living room we can see a few armchairs arranged around a coffee table, and a sofa.

A large LCD TV is installed on one of the walls of the room. Such a convenient arrangement of furniture makes the living room an ideal place for both entertaining guests and warm conversations inside the family.

The living room has only a few small windows and is partially lacking in sunlight. Our interior designers equipped the room with two types of lighting to compensate for this deficit. The key function of the lamps built into the ceiling is the background lighting, while chandeliers are the main lighting fixtures in the room.

The bedroom is decorated in soft white colors. The main piece of bedroom furniture is a luxurious double bed with two sconces near it. Like the living room, the function of the lamps built into the ceiling is background lighting.

The apartment has a lot of rooms. Our interior designers functionally zoned all the rooms by using a wide range of bright colors.