36 Satton Place South

Find out when pomposity wins!

This apartment is a good illustration of the real possibilities of Grandeur Hills Group designers. When you want to add solemnity to the atmosphere prevailing in the apartment, we widely use decorative elements. This project clearly shows the crucial role of decorative elements in interior design.

The main room of this apartment is the living room, where family members tend to gather in the evenings and meet guests. That’s why our designers focused primarily on the living room.

What are the features of this room? It is spacious. In the room we can see a myriad of decorative elements: beautiful paintings by modern abstract artists on the walls, dark red pillows on the sofa, bright flower pots, a charming glass coffee table, floor lamp, sconces, lighting built in the ceiling, and a Persian carpet in the middle of the lacquered parquet floor.

In addition to the practical function, all these decorative elements are also used to emphasize the main features of the living room by creating a contrast of bright colors, thanks to which the room is always filled with a cheerful, welcoming atmosphere typical of all living rooms of this type.

Unlike the living room, all other rooms in the apartment are decorated in soothing colors. Thus, through the use of a myriad of bright decorative elements our designers functionally zoned the apartment, highlighting its most important part – the living room.