Bowery – Downtown Manhattan

Looking at this cozy apartment located in New York, you gradually realize that comfort is not always directly dependent on space. The rooms of this apartment seem spacious, although their size is small.

Why is that? Pay attention to the light. All rooms are flooded with sunlight due to the large number of windows. The prevailing color of the walls and ceilings in the apartment is white, which has the ability to perfectly reflect light. In the dark, the beautifully arranged lighting, thanks to which the rooms also seem spacious, replaces the sunlight.

A lot of upholstered furniture is in the living room. This fact makes the living room friendly to guests. The paintings on the walls create a feeling of something native and pleasant.

Steel, natural stone and glass are the prevailing finishing materials in the bathroom. Contemporary plumbing equipment and household appliances make the bathroom multifunctional and comfortable. The color of the walls, floor and ceiling of the bathroom is associated with morning freshness, which invigorates a person who has just woken up.

The design of the bedroom creates an intimate atmosphere thanks to warm colors and snow-white upholstered furniture. When entering the bedroom you feel calm. The entire interior of the bedroom hints at a good rest.

Grandeur Hills Group designers worked hard on this miracle. Their work is bound to be greatly appreciated by the owners of this apartment.