Carroll Gardens Project

This project clearly shows what Grandeur Hills Group designers are capable of. In these pictures you can see a luxurious multi-room apartment located in a prestigious area of New York City, NY.

Its splendor amazes the visitor at first sight. Spacious rooms with huge windows and wide doors hint at a festive atmosphere. In fact, this is just an apartment for a large family.

Let us describe the atmosphere prevailing in the rooms of this apartment. When you enter the apartment, you feel free, calm, and balanced. Light, brilliance, and space are the main determinants of the apartment which create the feeling of a bird floating in the sky. Undoubtedly, only outstanding designers can create such a charming and stylish image.

The spacious lounge is ideal for hosting important people. There is little furniture and a lot of free space surrounded by sparkling walls, ceilings and floors. Thanks to the expensive decoration, the lounge makes the atmosphere ceremonial.

The main finishing materials in the apartment are marble, chrome steel, expensive wood and high-quality glass. All of these materials are durable and easy to use.

Despite the prevalence of “cold” materials, the apartment is very comfortable thanks to warm colors, upholstered furniture and original lighting, used by Grandeur Hills Group designers primarily for decorative purposes.