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Central Park West Apartment

It is crucial to understand that there are no ideal apartments. All apartments have flaws. When getting down to a project, the designer realizes that one of his primary tasks is to eliminate these flaws, relying on his own experience, skills, and knowledge.

The apartment outlined below is located in New York. Its disadvantages include a somewhat unusual configuration, which complicates the normal use of the apartment.

Thanks to the hard work of Grandeur Hills Group designers, we succeeded in turning this apartment into a jewel. You can see everything for yourself.

What are the main features of this designed apartment?

Pay attention to the corridors. They are too long. Our designers took this fact into account and turned the corridors into art galleries by hanging paintings by contemporary artists on the walls and placing a few large mirrors on both opposite walls of the corridors.

The apartment has low ceilings, which visually makes the apartment cramped. Our designers also solved this problem with the help of mirrors, placing them on the walls of all rooms and, thus, visually enlarging the rooms.

To illuminate all the main rooms of the apartment, elegant chandeliers are used. In the kitchen and in the study, where high-quality lighting is required, background lighting is built into the ceiling.

Thanks to the excellent work of Grandeur Hills Group designers, the apartment has acquired a new look, having turned into another jewel of the city of New York.