Hamptons Project

How to make the atmosphere in an apartment positive? Of course, change the interior design of the apartment! This is an axiom that Grandeur Hills Group designers regularly put into practice, working on various projects.

If a cheerful and friendly family with many kids lives in the apartment, then jokes and smiles inside the family are considered a common thing. Therefore, the designers face the problem of making the apartment completely meet the tastes of such a noisy family.

In the photos on this page you can see how our designers solved this problem.

At first glance it is noticeable that the apartment has a cheerful atmosphere. All rooms of the apartment are filled with bright, colorful decorative elements that give family members a boost of energy and cheer up.

The designers used a wide range of bright warm colors to highlight the cheerful mood prevailing in this apartment. The combinations of red, blue, blue, green, yellow and white colors perfectly convey the character of this family.

The apartment looks spacious thanks to not only the large size of the rooms, high ceilings, wide windows, big mirrors and doors, but also well-mounted lighting and conveniently arranged furniture.

All rooms are filled with light. Polished floors and wall decoration, made mostly in white, enhance the feeling of freedom and ease of movement. Numerous abstract paintings on the walls make the apartment partly mysterious.