Howard Beach II

Feel the magic atmosphere of a city apartment!

Do you think a well-designed apartment always implies a lot of money spent on its renovation and interior decoration? Not always. As a rule, the main expenses are caused by purchasing finishing materials and interior items, but much also depends on the talent and experience of designers, and the apartment outlined below is a clear confirmation of this.

Thanks to Grandeur Hills Group interior designers this ordinary apartment, located in New York City, NY, has turned into one of the jewels of the city, and the cost of the interior design did not exceed the agreed budget.

In spite of the small windows, the apartment is filled with light, thanks to both high-quality mounted lighting and light colors in which all the rooms of the apartment are decorated.

It looks like you are in a magical winter wood, where all the branches of trees are covered with hoarfrost. The air is clean and fresh. Nothing interferes with your solitude and relaxation.

The ceilings and walls are white and the floor is brown. As spectacular decorative elements the abstract paintings on the walls contrast with a variety of furniture pieces. The rooms don’t look spacious, but emit that particular warmth people value most.

The floors and furniture sparkle, creating a magical atmosphere in all the rooms. Due to the convenient arrangement of furniture, the rooms have enough free space.