Lavin Residence

Feel the power of comfort limited by minimalism!

This cozy apartment, located in a remote area of the city of New York, is the fruit of the hard work of Grandeur Hills Group studio interior designers. A key feature of this residence is the active use of functional zoning as a design technique.

The U-shaped kitchen is small but cozy, decorated mainly in blue and white and their shades. The kitchen has a lot of contemporary multifunctional household appliances and cabinets that make this room ease to use in spite of the lack of free space.

The kitchen has three different types of lighting: lamps built into the ceiling, lamps built into cabinets and a chandelier. Thanks to this diversity, cooking and eating are easy, quick and comfortable processes.

The living room is decorated in brown tones. This color makes the space very warm and welcoming, but dark, since brown color weakly reflects sunlight.

To fill the room with light, our interior designers used two types of lighting – chandeliers as the main source of lighting, floor lamps and sconces.

The room has only the most necessary set of furniture – a coffee table, a few armchairs, a sofa and a couple of cabinets that are in perfect harmony with the walls and floor.

The spacious and bright bedroom is always filled with fresh air thanks to a wide door, a few large windows and air conditioning. The room is traditionally decorated in white. White ceiling and walls match well brown flooring and contrast with black upholstered furniture.