Lexington Project

Moderation in everything is a sign of your healthy taste!

This apartment, located in NYC, NY, is one of the most iconic pieces of our outstanding interior designers who worked hard on this project for a long time. Let’s take a short virtual tour together, discover the wonderful world of this apartment, and answer the question “What are the main features of this apartment?”

In the bedroom we can see just a few pieces of furniture, the main of which is, of course, a chic bed made from the best types of wood. A wooden nightstand with a table lamp is next to the bed.

Thanks to a few pieces of furniture the bedroom looks spacious. The bedroom is always filled with light and fresh pure air thanks to the free space and huge windows. The bedroom is mostly decorated in calm gray tones, which are ideal for relaxation.

The living room is also spacious due to the small number of pieces of furniture. But here we can see a lot of decorative elements of lilac color – paintings, a table lamp, a blanket on the bed, etc., which create a moderate contrast in this room, decorated mainly in white and gray colors.

The kitchen is spacious and full of light thanks to large windows, a high white ceiling and a small number of pieces of furniture, the main of which are a dining table in the center of the kitchen, and a lot of chairs around the dining table.