Pearce Residence

Chic and comfort as two key determinants of success

Here is another luxury interior created by Grandeur Hills Group studio designers. This residence is a good example of decorating multifunctional rooms, that is, rooms used for both leisure and business meetings.

The living room is decorated in restrained colors, hinting at the possibility of its use for business purposes. We can see a few pieces of furniture in the room – two comfortable armchairs by the large window, an amazing coffee table in the middle of the room and a luxury sofa against the wall.

All this contributes to creating a discreet atmosphere in the room. Two paintings on the opposite walls of the room slightly soften this austere atmosphere, adding something warm to it.

The bedroom is spacious and bright.

The window overlooks a beautiful garden. On the windowsill we can see several houseplants used by our interior designers for decorative purposes. In fact, living plants are often associated with life. This bedroom is an ideal place for a healthy rest and restoration of our lost strength.

Another bedroom is decorated in blue and orange colors, symbolizing joy and happiness.

Furniture includes a cabinet against the wall, a couple of armchairs and a huge double bed in the center of the room. A high ceiling and a few large windows completely compensate for the lack of free space caused by the peculiar arrangement of the bed.

This work of our professional interior designers was highly appreciated by the owners of the residence.