Riverside Drive Residence

Design as a pacemaker of residence’s life

This luxurious residence, a fruit of the hard work of Grandeur Hills Group designers, is an ideal site for both relaxing and receiving officials and businessmen.

The vastness of the numerous rooms of the building is amazing, but the main feature of this residence is its unique interior design. Getting down to the project, Grandeur Hills Group designers took into account all details of the future residence, as well as the desires and needs of its owner.

All rooms are spacious and bright. The residence is decorated in white. We can see here white furniture, which is in perfect harmony with both the snow-white walls and the ceiling, and with the light brown floor made of expensive wood.

Red upholstered furniture and red chairs around the table create a bright contrast of red and white in the living room, making this room look lively and friendly.

In the rooms of the residence there are two types of lighting – crystal chandeliers and numerous groups of lamps built into the ceiling thanks to which the residence is always filled with light.

Large windows face the picturesque garden surrounding the residence from all sides, and provide the residence not only with sunlight in the day-time, but also with fresh clean air.

All the rooms have a lot of interior pieces made of crystal and chrome steel, thanks to which the rooms look sparkling against the background of sunlight and artificial lighting.