High-end renovation new york

Our company provides a full range of services in the field of High-end renovation NYC, construction and maintenance of the real estate. Many years of successful work experience allows us to implement the most ambitious and innovative projects.

  1. Interior renovators NY
  2. Cosmetic and overhaul Interior renovations NY
  3. 3-stage control
  4. Turnkey work
  5. The departure of the measurer
  6. Work insurance

Qualified specialists are always ready to offer the best solution for your facility and it does not matter if it is a small apartment or a huge shopping center.

Our advantages in the field of Interior renovators NYC:

  • Fixed fair prices
  • The project cost does not change after signing the contract
  • Warranty
  • The contract spells out guarantees for all work
  • Strict quality control
  • Three-stage quality control of work
  • Deadlines

    Custom Bathroom vanities

  • We will not fulfill it on time – we will make a discount
  • Turnkey works
  • We carry out all the work from the project to the completion of the facility
  • Convenient payment
  • We work in cash and bank transfer
  • Preparation and submission of documentation
  • We provide all the necessary documentation.
  • Security
  • Insurance for the entire construction period
  • Work transparency
  • Photo, video reports and online broadcasting from the facility.

Interior renovators new york

In the conditions of fierce competition, we understand how important it is now that the service and quality of work meet not only NYC but also international standards. That is why we provide clients with daily reports on the work done in real-time and help with the solution of all legal and organizational issues. Turning to our company, you can be sure that your project will be implemented according to the contract and on time.

Excellent High-end renovation NY is the key to comfort in your home. If you choose good materials and carry out all the work efficiently, in compliance with technology, then the appearance of a house or apartment will please you for a single year. If you need Interior renovations NYC, our specialists will realize any of your wishes with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Call our specialists right now and get a free consultation on your project.

How we are working

The company is always open to its customers, and our scheme of work is such that you do not have any doubts about the course of our cooperation. Therefore, we are pleased to tell you about ourselves.

High-end renovation process in our company

We regularly report to our clients for each stage of work, we can justify the use of any material from the estimate, we are able to provide certificates for the material. At any time, you can find out how high-end renovation is progressing in your apartment, cottage, townhouse, office space. No secrets.

The most convenient scheme for working with General contractor Manhattan

Our work scheme is aimed, first of all, to ensure that the customer is comfortable working with us. It consists of several main stages:
1. You leave a request on the website or by phone. – After 5 minutes, a manager contacts you to identify needs.
2. Our specialist comes to you for consultation and preparation of a measured floor plan. – On the same day or any other convenient for you.
3. We coordinate the list of works in the estimate, approve and sign the contract. At this stage, you make an advance payment for the purchase of draft material
4. We make the purchase, delivery, and lifting of the necessary materials. – within 2 days from the date of signing the Agreement.
5. We complete the object with the necessary tools and supplies. – within 2 days from the date of signing the Agreement.
6. We begin repair work – within 3 days from the date of signing the Agreement.

What is the benefit of working as a contractor?

The retail interior design of construction take on the complexities associated with the organization of the construction process, managing people and solving problems. The general contractor and subcontractor control everything that happens on the site. To order services such as Interior renovators manhattan means to relieve yourself of the hardships of the construction process.

Our company has many years of experience in the General contractor manhattan field. Our team consists exclusively of professionals with specialized education.
Our work is legal, as evidenced by the licenses and certificates that we provide at the first request. To order General construction manhattan, leave a request on the official website.

Services performed by the general contractor:

1) Survey
2) Organization of work with subcontractors – holding tenders, checking companies, concluding contracts, budget allocation, control over execution
3) Interaction with state bodies: labor inspection.
4) Supply of materials and tools to the construction site
5) Organization of the operation of equipment: tower cranes, drilling rigs, concrete pumps, hydraulic hammers, excavators, etc. Attracting your own equipment or third-party companies.
6) Reporting to the customer on the progress of work
7) The solution of any issues regarding the construction site and the construction process, including with the owners of neighboring plots and buildings
8) Commissioning of the facility

You can view the portfolio in the corresponding section of the site with photos and reviews.

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