About Grandeur Hills Group

Grandeur Hills Group, a construction company headquartered in New York City, NY, is one of the recognized leaders in the construction business, having completed hundreds of projects over the years of its existence.

Hard work, dedication and commitment to craft are the principles the construction company is built on.

Thanks to our manpower and high experience we know how to complete the job quickly and efficiently no matter whether you want a new construction or just an additional one to your already existing structures, a modern design of your luxury house or just a number of small changes in the design of a room of your apartment, a large-scale renovation or a radical remodeling.

General Contractor

Since its foundation, Grandeur Hills Group has striven to embody key values such as integrity, client satisfaction, the highest quality, professional approach, and innovation.

Thanks to loyalty, fastidious attention to detail and hard work our solid and friendly team has earned its credibility in the eyes of thousands of our clients who followed the right way by starting to cooperate with Grandeur Hills Group.

People tend to associate new construction with a wide range of serious problems, the first of which is the right choice of a construction contractor. With Grandeur Hills Group as a general contractor NYC you can forget about these problems and do your more important things fully relying on our loyalty in terms of your construction project. We will build you the house that you have just dreamed of!

Did the design of your apartment or house bore you? Does it no longer meet your needs? Do you need something new in the design of your premises in order to keep up with the times? Maybe your home needs radical changes in its design?

Of course, the interior design is fraught with many nuances. It is impossible to count on achieving high-quality results without knowing them. The staff of our construction company includes outstanding designers and architects who are certain to confer a new youth upon your home. Mounting windows and interior doors, replacing flooring, decorating rooms and remodeling kitchen and bathroom are some of our usual jobs.

Thanks to our professional employees, your home could not only be beautiful and cozy, but could also fully correspond to your character, inclinations, habits, and manners, that is, it could become part of your personality. Isn’t that what you value most when you get home?

But what if you have just bought a new apartment or house and don’t have the faintest idea about which design will best suit your needs?

We realize that your new home involves dramatic changes in your life. With the help of special design programs, our staff will help you choose the best interior style that meets your needs.

Do you have an old building that needs an urgent renovation?

Grandeur Hills Group is what you might need! You should just call us and our renovation team will come to you and make all the necessary renovations to your building as soon as possible.

Do you need professional bathroom or kitchen remodelers?

In this case you are in the right place! It’s well-known that bathrooms and kitchens in the house are wet rooms. Their remodeling requires the participation of qualified specialists, and the company staff includes them. Our highly experienced remodelers are bound to remodel your kitchen or bathroom efficiently and on time.

The services Grandeur Hills Group provides are not limited to the above. You can find more detailed information about our company and the services we provide on the pages of this website.

Are you still thinking of which company to choose for your project? Grandeur Hills Group is always at your service! We are a team you are certain to rely on.

Contact our trained construction specialists right now and take a free consultation on all the questions you are interested in. We know how to make your dreams of a beautiful and comfortable home a reality.

Interior design is the first step towards the interior of your dreams

General construction NY is the key to high-quality and durable repair, so you need to start all work with it. The company “is ready to prepare for you a modern interior design of a house, apartment or any commercial property.

Starting repairs without a design project are tantamount to going to a goal without a plan. The project is the foundation of a successful repair that meets all your expectations. The company’s specialists will prepare an interior design, taking into account all your wishes and needs. Thanks to this approach, very soon you will become the owner of an apartment or house that will be comfortable for living, the entire area will be used as functionally as possible, and the design and decor of the rooms will be simply impeccable!

Interior design studio

The interior design project is an opportunity to easily plan the repair, and to make a high-quality and durable finish that meets all safety requirements. Our designers always make individual projects, taking into account all the features of the premises: size, geometry, lighting, and others.

Advantages of General construction New York:

  • Short time

Development of a finished project with a full set of necessary drawings and 3d visualization in 15 days!

  • Team of specialists

A designer, decorator, engineer and project manager is a team that will always help you solve the most ambitious tasks.

  • Material discounts

We work directly with suppliers of materials in new york, our discounts will save you money.

  • Integrated Solutions

We create not only a beautiful picture, but also capable of real, comprehensive implementation of your desires into reality.

General contractor new york

The services of the General contractor New York provide for the full responsibility of the company for the timing, quality, and budget of the project. In the process of providing services, company adheres to an integrated approach to the implementation of all types of work from the preparation stage for construction to the commissioning of the facility.

Order service General contractor NY

If you are interested in this service, formulate the list of jobs and assignments you need. Within three working days, our specialists will contact you to clarify the required details, as well as indicate the estimated cost and terms of completion of the General contractor NYC.

Consultation and costing

You can get advice on General construction NYC or a preliminary calculation of the cost of any service in the appropriate section of the site.

We do not work according to the pattern! We make only exclusive design projects!