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Construction planning in NYC

 One of the most important stages of a house construction is planning. Your budget, construction schedule and the amount of resources spent on the construction depend on how well planning is done.

What does construction planning ordinarily include?

Construction planning is carried out on the basis of the project. You can order an original project of your future home or use standard house designs. Next, construction planning is performed, which usually includes the following:

1. Making a list of resources required to carry out the construction work. The list can be based on the answers to the following questions:

How many workers and time are required for the construction?

Which of the building materials available in the market are you planning to use?

How many building materials will the construction take?

What construction equipment are you planning to use?

2. Scheduling construction works. It is important for you to carry out the construction in stages. What time to deliver materials to the construction site? What to do first? What time to do works of different types?

3. Calculating construction costs. On the basis of data on the schedule and the resources necessary for the construction, then direct and indirect construction costs are calculated. It is important that the costs are within the budget that you plan to allocate for the construction. If the costs are beyond the budget, it’s necessary to make changes to the work plan.

Construction planning is a complex and crucial stage that requires the participation of experienced and highly qualified specialists.

Grandeur Hills Group, headquartered in New Your City, NY, is always ready to help you with planning. Thanks to our talented employees, you receive a competent work plan that is certain to make your construction fast, efficient and economical.

Construction planning from our company in New York.

The range of services provided by our company includes the planning of construction and installation works involving highly qualified specialists who will competently prepare all design and budget documentation with the quick coordination of all interested parties, including coordination in state instances.

Our company professionally approaches each object, fulfilling it in strict terms and with impeccable quality, ensuring the transition of the “construction object” to the “real estate object”.

Our company will calculate the cost of all work from start to finish, taking into account all the nuances of the work.
All types of work are performed by highly qualified specialists in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, which is confirmed by the licenses available to the company. It is possible to order construction and installation work with the signature stamp “urgently” from us, which will allow the Customer to commission the facility within the indicated time frame.

You can read more about our company and the services we provide in our presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists for a telephone consultation.

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