Construction Planning

One of the key stages of any house construction is known to be planning. Your budget, construction schedule, as well as the amount of resources spent on the construction, depend on how accurately planning is carried out.

What does construction planning typically include?

Construction planning is known to be carried out on the basis of the project. You can order a unique project of your future home or use typical home designs. Next, construction planning is performed, which ordinarily includes the following:

1. Making a list of resources required to carry out all necessary construction work. The list is usually made on the basis of the answers to the following questions:

  • How many employees and time are required for the new construction?
  • Which of the building materials currently available in the construction market are you planning to use?
  • How many building materials will the new facility take?
  • What construction equipment are you planning to use?

2. Scheduling construction works.

It is important for you to carry out the construction in stages. What time to deliver materials to the construction site? What to do first? What time to do works of different types?

3. Calculating construction costs.

On the basis of data on the schedule and the resources necessary for the construction, then direct and indirect construction costs are calculated. It is important that the costs are within the budget that you plan to allocate for the construction. If the costs are beyond the budget, it’s necessary to make changes to the work plan.

Construction planning is a complex and crucial stage that requires the participation of experienced and highly qualified specialists.

Construction planning in NYC

Grandeur Hills Group, headquartered in New Your City, NY, is always ready to help you with planning. Thanks to our talented employees, you receive a competent work plan that is certain to make your construction fast, efficient and economical.

Any construction is a large complex of various works, consisting of lots of stages, starting from creating the project of a building and ending with commissioning it. However, the importance of these works is different.

The most important stages are rightly considered the first because, at these stages, a project of the future facility is planned and created and any mistakes will inevitably affect all subsequent stages.

The first stage ordinarily includes planning, during which all details of the forthcoming construction are taken into account. Below are briefly described the main issues that designers and architects most often encounter.

Facility and terrain features

It is important to consider all the nuances of the location as well as circumstances that may impede the implementation of the project. The size and functions of the future building, the supply of utilities, the location of neighboring buildings, weather conditions in the region – all these are just some of the issues that experts solve.

Facility value

The cost of the facility should not exceed the budget and usually includes transportation costs and expenses for necessary materials and labor. Today, costing is carried out with the help of specialized computer programs.

Construction time

Any construction takes considerable time. However, in practice, this time is often severely limited by the contract. Therefore, the builders face the task of not just completing the facility, but doing it on time.

Equipment, materials, and labor

It is obvious that the facility will serve you for a long time if it is built with high quality. So, professional equipment, high-quality and ECO-friendly materials from the best suppliers and manufacturers, as well as skilled and highly experienced labor are keys to solving this issue.

Planning is your priority, no matter whether you are going to build the facility on your own or with the help of a contractor. Naturally, only a professional team of specialists can plan all forthcoming work competently.

Grandeur Hills Group staff includes experienced designers and architects who are bound to help you plan all the work.

If you need a high-quality planning contact Grandeur Hills Group managers and the work of our experts is certain to be greatly appreciated by you.
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