Of course, if the circle of people visiting your home is limited to your friends and relatives who are used to the everyday look of your rooms, you can not worry about the interior design of your home, especially if you do not want to change anything in your life.

A store or shopping center is a quite different thing. In case you run a store, your income is directly proportional to the number of visitors to our store and their purchases.

In other words, the more visitors you have, the more your visitors buy your products. The more your visitors buy your products, the more income you get, respectively.

It is well known that purchasing power depends on many factors, one of the most important among which is the impression your store makes on your customers.

A customer who once visited your store and remained unhappy is unlikely to want to return to your store again, but you need regular visitors! One of the most effective ways to increase the number of regular visitors to your store is improving the interior design of your store.

Interior design is a field of knowledge in which there are no trifles. Lighting, arrangement of furniture and commercial equipment and store windows, the material of which the walls and the floor are made and their color, light and shade, color contrast, background music and decorative elements – any nuance is important and makes a different impression on people.

To achieve good results in the interior design, it is important to consider into consideration all the above nuances. Only professional designers are able to do this job properly.

Grandeur Hills Group, a well known interior design company, headquartered in the New York area, is always ready to help you with the interior design of your store.

Thanks to our talented team that includes experienced and qualified designers you are bound to get a high quality interior design and increase your income. Don’t hesitate to contact Grandeur Hills Group managers right now!

Retail interior Design is a unique solution to improve sales.

If you want to open a company store in a style that is inherent only for your store or for your distribution network, then you need to think about retail interior Design.

Key requirements for creating retail interior Design:

  • Convenience to buyers. Furniture and trade equipment should be arranged in such a way as to leave maximum space for visitors.

  • Harmonious color schemes. The design of the store should not be too colorful, so as not to distract attention to yourself. At the same time, the color of pointers, advertising materials, and other elements must be distinguished from the general background.

  • Logical zoning. Different departments of the store must competently side by side for the convenience of customers. For example, in a grocery supermarket, it’s logical to place departments with cleaning products and kitchen utensils next to each other.

Properly created retail interior Design attracts new customers, increases the level of sales, thereby achieving the main goal – business profitability.

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