Astor Place

Good interior design means good relaxation!

Of course, every owner of the apartment is trying to make his house cozy and warm, but creative ways to realize this desire vary greatly. The owner of the apartment outlined below prefers a calm atmosphere in his apartment, which most fully meets a good evening rest after work.

Having taken this fact into consideration Grandeur Hills Group designers reasonably focused on bright warm colors.

In the living room, the white painted ceiling blends in perfectly with the dark red walls resembling brickwork, and the laminate floor contrasts with the ceiling. This combination of colors really makes the room friendly and warm, ideal for family conversations and friends.

The bedroom of this apartment is the best example of decorating a relaxation room. The walls and ceiling of the bedroom are decorated in calm white and the floor in gray.

In the bedroom, furniture plays an important role. The bed, armchairs, cabinets and bedside table are optimally arranged. The doors of the bedroom are narrow, but thanks to the wide windows, the bedroom is always filled with fresh air and sunlight.

A variety of lights is used in the apartment.

Here we can see small groups of miniature lamps built into the ceiling, stand-alone floor lamps, table lamps, as well as crystal chandeliers. Besides the main functions, the chandeliers and floor lamps are also used here for decorative purposes.