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June 10, 2021

One Sherman Square

One of the key features of this luxurious apartment is light that fills the entire space of the apartment. Thanks to skilful design techniques, the light...

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Bowery Luxury Apartment

Creating a special ambience of high style, chic, and comfort inside the apartment located in one of the largest cities with its bustling streets and rapid...

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Central Park West Project

Apartment renovation is known to be carried out in order to restore the original technical characteristics of a facility or to just refresh its room interior...

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Carrol Gardens Townhouse

The amount of people who tend to choose comfortable and good-looking townhouses for living is known to be increasing from year to year. Their desires to...

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Industrial Home

Here is another interesting project completed by outstanding Grandeur Hills Group interior designers. At first glance, this facility is more like a workshop, but this first...

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Park Ave Condo

Most people find condos just a cheap kind of property with a minimum of amenities, but there are enough exceptions to this rule. This facility located...

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Warm Contemporary on The Upper West Side

We worked on this big project for a young family with a few children. It’s no secret that facilities where young families live often have a...

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Modern Style Apartment

You can see that this amazing apartment has a great number of wide doors and windows, providing all the rooms with clean and fresh air, as...

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Alphabet city Condo

This Alphabet city condo project is another of our interesting ideas, successfully completed by the best Grandeur Hills Group interior designers. Unlike other condos, all color...

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Lower Manhattan Pre War Condo

A short look at this magnificent project is enough to make sure that freedom and space reign in this condo, contrary to the widely spread opinion...

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