Broadway Condo

Contemporary urban is dynamic. We are always in a hurry for business, trying to solve the countless number of everyday problems we face every day. In such a complicated situation, it is important for any person to have a source of fresh strength and energy.

Of course, home is usually meant by a place where we have a great opportunity to relax, gather our courage and restore lost strength and energy.

The apartment you are talking about belongs to an employee of one of the New York companies. Daily hard work requires ideal conditions for relaxation, and Grandeur Hills Group designers took this factor into account.

Here you will fail to find catchy decorative elements and bright colors. All rooms of the apartment are decorated in calm colors – gray, black and brown, hinting at a wonderful evening rest after your hard day’s work.

Our specialists paid close attention to the study, which contains all the important things for a business person to work successfully in the evening and at night if necessary.

What about the other rooms of the apartment?

A chic double bed in the bedroom, an isolated floor lamp near the bed, elegant finishes of the floor and walls – all this contributed to creating an intimate atmosphere in the room.

Like the other rooms of the apartment, the living room is decorated in gray and brown tones. Beautiful upholstered furniture makes the atmosphere in the room warm and welcoming.

The owner of the apartment greatly appreciated the work of our designers.