Upper East Side

Here you can see another project implemented by our outstanding designers in one of the typical apartments of an apartment building located in New York City.

Getting down to this project, Grandeur Hills Group designers took into account the needs and wishes of family members for whom this apartment was intended.

Immerse yourself in the quiet peace of this apartment! Magnificent lighting combined with a graceful arrangement of furniture and luxurious decoration of walls, floors and ceilings give you a feeling of complete harmony in this secluded place, located in the midst of worldly fuss.

Let’s take a short walk through the rooms of the apartment.

The bathroom is traditionally decorated in white, symbolizing cleanliness, hygiene and health. Thanks to high-quality lighting, the bathroom always seems welcoming and radiant, like the rising morning sun on the horizon.

The living room, decorated in gray and light brown tones, is cozy and warm. It is ideally suited for both conversations inside the family and entertaining guests. Plants fill the living room with internal energy, and abstract paintings on the walls create a mysterious atmosphere in the room.

The interior design of the bedroom embodies peace and solitude. Warm colors of carpets and elegant upholstered furniture hint at a sound sleep.

Grandeur Hills Group designers succeeded in turning the ordinary city apartment into a jewel, as you can see for yourself by browsing the gallery on this page.