Greenwich village Townhouse

Have you ever dreamed of a stylish apartment with luxurious upholstered furniture, good-looking cabinets, a set of amazing decorative elements and spacious rooms with attractive surfaces of floors and walls and large doors and windows well-decorated?

Take a short look at this miracle. Our best interior designers worked on this facility for many months. This fashionable townhouse really meets the needs, desires, and tastes of the majority of the urban population. The interior design of the townhouse is wonderful, isn’t it?

The rooms and hallway look spacious and bright. They make the person feel relaxed. All the rooms are equipped with contemporary air conditioning systems, so the air in the rooms is always fresh and pure.

The prevailing colors in the interior design are white, brown and gray. These colors enhance the feeling of cleanliness, order, and spaciousness. Different lighting is used in the rooms so that fascinating visual effects may be observed by visitors to the townhouse.

In the rooms, you can find only the most important multifunctional furniture, which, however, is able to fully meet the needs of their owners.

The bathroom is tiled and equipped with advanced sanitary engineering. On the walls there are a few beautiful mirrors that visually enlarge the bathroom and, at the same time, give it mysterious features.

The main advantages of the living room and bedroom are comfortable, reliable, multi-functional and beautiful furniture, thanks to which its owners have a feeling of complete comfort, peace, and satisfaction.

Thanks to the hard work of our experts, this unique facility really has turned into a jewel of the city of New York!

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