Industrial Home

Here is another interesting project completed by outstanding Grandeur Hills Group interior designers. At first glance, this facility is more like a workshop, but this first impression is deceptive.

This apartment is really decorated in gray colors, which are often used in corporate interior design to create a business ambience. On the other hand, the apartment should completely meet the desires, tastes, and needs of its owners. If the owners are businessman, then the business ambience in such an unusual apartment seems a normal thing.

The original lighting built into the ceiling, as well as a large number of floor, wall and table lamps compensate for the lack of sunlight in the rooms. The low ceiling and the wide windows built into it create a feeling of comfort and warmth. It is easy to notice the lack of free space in the apartment due to the large number of upholstered furniture and cabinets. On the other hand, this feature is offset by the large number of useful functions that the furniture has.

Such amazing contrasts are the key to correctly understanding the thoughts of our talented interior designers who worked on this wonderful project for so long! The project was greatly appreciated by the owners of the apartment.

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