Lower Manhattan Pre War Condo

A short look at this magnificent project is enough to make sure that freedom and space reign in this condo, contrary to the widely spread opinion of most people who are used to considering condos as a modest apartment with a minimum set of amenities. In fact, our professional interior designers had to work hard to create such a magnificent ambience in this small apartment. The interior designers achieved such outstanding results through the use of a number of cunning interior design tricks.

White and its shades are the basis of the design in this apartment. As a common knowledge, white color represents purity, but it is also worth keep in mind the pragmatic component of this interior design.
We mean light. All the rooms here are filled with light. The light penetrates into all places of this facility. This fact makes the apartment welcoming and beautiful.

This condo is a great place for lively communication between family members and friends. The owners of the apartment can not only have a wonderful rest, but also work hard if necessary, due to the presence of all the necessary interior items and their convenient arrangement.

The main feature of the facility is that the entire interior design completely meets the needs and wishes of its owner.

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