Chelsea Apartment

Change the design when there is nothing to breathe!

When your apartment is large, it’s easy to improve its interior design, but what if you have a small apartment? No problem! If you rely on professional designers, their results are bound to exceed your expectations.

The apartment outlined below is just one of them. It has just a few small rooms.

Windows and doorways are small as well. Grandeur Hills Group designers faced the task of radically changing the interior design of this apartment for the better, making it spacious, welcoming, comfortable, and bright.

Did they manage to carry out their plan? See for yourselves.

The rooms do not seem cramped due to the small number of pieces of furniture. Convenient arrangement of furniture makes the rooms spacious and comfortable to move around.

Thanks to the decorative elements, the visitor’s attention is focused on the most attractive places in the rooms. At the same time, the most vulnerable areas of the apartment remain hidden from the visitor thanks to all the same decorative elements.

An important role is also played by soft lighting, due to which a feeling of warmth and coziness arises. In other words, our designers managed to turn the lack of space into an important advantage of this apartment.

The whole apartment is decorated in warm colors. The prevailing colors are red, brown, and white. Living plants and paintings are another factor that creates a cheerful atmosphere in the apartment. Chandeliers are used both as main lighting and for decorative purposes.