Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan – How to make an apartment radiant?

Looking at this apartment, a person wants to dream of something beautiful and remote. Why? The apartment shown in the pictures radiates joy, sun and life thanks to its exquisite decoration by Grandeur Hills Group designers.

We can see light and space everywhere. The whole apartment is decorated in white, symbolizing cleanliness, order and friendliness. White walls and ceilings, white sanitary engineering, white cabinets and even a white background depicted in the paintings on the walls – all this contributes to the amazing atmosphere that opens up to the gaze of the person entering this apartment.

All rooms are spacious due to the small number of pieces of furniture. The windows in the rooms are small, but there is enough fresh air in the apartment due to a lot of wide doors.

Black upholstered furniture contrasts perfectly with both a light brown flooring based on natural wood, and white walls and ceilings. Gray carpets on the floor make the atmosphere in the rooms warm and cozy.

Artificial lighting in the apartment includes chandeliers and table lamps. The latter, in addition to the main function, are also used as decorative elements in the design of this interior.

The harmonious arrangement of upholstered furniture and contemporary household appliances make the rooms of the apartment ease to use.

The owners of the apartment appreciated highly the work of our designers.