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Upper East Side Project

36 Satton Place South

Client: asasdasd
Date: November 14, 2019
Services: Client Services Name

This apartment is another unique project that clearly showed the creative capabilities of Grandeur Hills Group designers, who managed to successfully realize their bold creative ideas, showing extraordinary patience and endurance on the way to their cherished goal.

The apartment, outlined below, was a faceless facility, of which there are thousands in the city of New York. Thanks to the brilliant work of our talented designers, the apartment, completely transformed, got a second wind, becoming one of the jewels of the city.

It’s time we took a short virtual tour of the apartment. At first glance it becomes clear that the apartment belongs to people with extraordinary creative abilities.

There is a piano in the living room, thanks to which music is played every day, creating a cheerful atmosphere. The designers tried to highlight this atmosphere by placing a lot of colorful decorative elements made of molded plastic, glass, china and steel. A myriad of abstract paintings on the walls enhance the welcoming atmosphere of the living room.

Two different types of lighting are used in the apartment – miniature lamps built into the ceiling and elegant crystal chandeliers thanks to which the apartment is filled with light in the evening.

Upholstered furniture and carpets lacquered parquet floor make the apartment warm and cozy. Thanks to the large windows and doors, all rooms are always filled with fresh and clean air.