Modern Style Apartment

Fashion changes greatly. Today, interior designers prefer using at least two or three different design styles when decorating apartments. Practitioners are known to tend to blend a few similar interior design styles.

What are the key features of a contemporary city apartment? Of course, the perfect city apartment should be cozy and look attractive and stylish. The apartment outlined below may be a fine example of how modern style apartments should be decorated.

You can see that this amazing apartment has a great number of wide doors and windows, providing all the rooms with clean and fresh air, as well as sunlight. Excessive sunlight is offset by a dark wall finish with high absorbency.

Used multifunctional furniture in the rooms allows you to save space and at the same time makes the rooms comfortable. Our interior designers paid much attention to light. Since the apartment is decorated in dark colors, all the rooms lack light in the evening and at night. A few types of lighting compensate for this drawback.

This is one of the greatest projects our interior designers worked hard for so long!

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