Warm Contemporary on The Upper West Side

We worked on this big project for a young family with a few children. It’s no secret that facilities where young families live often have a fun ambience. That’s why, getting down to working on this project, Grandeur Hills Group interior designers focused primarily on its psychological component, which plays a key role in creating a healthy climate in the family. The living room, children’s room, bedroom, kitchen, corridors are decorated in warm colors – white, blue, red, green and their shades, which cheer up and increase efficiency.

The only exception to this rule is a study designed to receive important business persons and conduct negotiations. The discreet design of the study contributes to a better concentration of attention which improves work efficiency.  In the bedroom, there are a lot of well-designed lamps, most of which are built into the ceiling. The main feature of the living room is a variety of sparkling polished furniture, including original upholstered furniture pieces.

In all rooms, you can easily find beautiful paintings by contemporary artists thanks to which an unusual mysterious ambience is created. Lots of beautiful stairs, doors, and windows, high ceilings, high-quality flooring and contemporary household appliances provide this family with comfort and coziness.

The owners of the facility greatly appreciated the hard work of our interior designers.

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