Park Ave Condo

People tend to think condos to be a cheap type of property with a minimum of amenities, but there are a lot of exceptions to this rule. This apartment located in New York City, NY is one of them.

All rooms are decorated in light brown, black and gray tones, which on the one hand make the apartment less light, and on the other hand create a feeling of indescribable tenderness, warmth and comfort, which is always highly appreciated by the owners of apartments.

In all the rooms, we can see a great number of beautiful lamps and large windows, thanks to which the apartment does not lack light both in the daytime and at night.

The rooms have a parallelepiped shape, which is deliberately emphasized by a number of straight lines marked on the walls, ceiling and floors. This design trick is widely used to visually make rooms longer.

In the kitchen we can seea large table with many chairs around it. The kitchen is equipped with contemporary appliances and multifunctional furniture that make cooking and eating fast and easy.

The small living room is an ideal place to relax with your family. The small living room is an ide al place to relax with your family members. It looks welcoming and cozy thanks to the convenient arrangement of upholstered furniture.

The bedroom looks spacious, despite its small size. The bedroom has few cabinets, but a lot of upholstered furniture. The main feature of the bedroom is a soft backlight that soothes and relaxes you.