Apartment renovation is one of the most demanded services ordered by residents of the city of New York. Renovation ordinarily includes minor works, thanks to which you can significantly change your apartment look, replace defective equipment, and restore faulty engineering communications functions.

However, sometimes people want to radically change their apartments look just because their apartments have ceased to meet the needs and wishes of their owners. In this case, apartment renovation is also used.

So, renovation should be understood as a broad and complicated concept. It is impossible to renovate an apartment in a proper manner on your own without the appropriate experience, special knowledge, and professional construction equipment.

The greatest way out is to contact construction companies that may be able to renovate your apartment quickly and efficiently.

What can we offer you?

Despite the great number of companies in the city of New York that tend to offer apartment renovation services, choosing the right company is not that easy.

As a construction company, Grandeur Hills Group has been operating in the New York construction market for a lot of years. Over these years, we have successfully completed a great number of small and large facilities, including apartment renovation.

Currently, the company’s staff includes talented, qualified, and highly skilled workers with extensive experience, thanks to whom any renovation is sure to be done efficiently and quickly.

The list of works that Grandeur Hills Group usually offers is very wide. It includes:

– Painting walls and ceilings,

– Wallpapering,

– Whitewashing,

– Replacing flooring,

– Replacing doors and windows,

– Plumbing replacement, as well as

– Replacing wiring and electrical equipment.

Of course, after the renovation, we remove all post-construction waste on our own. Thus, you get your apartment completely ready for use.

Why do people choose our construction company?

We use contemporary powerful equipment, advanced construction and renovation technologies, as well as high-quality ECO friendly construction materials from time-tested foreign and United States suppliers.

Affordable prices, the highest quality, extensive experience, solid and friendly professional team, as well as good feedback – all this contributed to choosing us as a reliable and loyal contractor.

All work is done under the strict control of our company representatives. Thus, you can fully entrust us with your apartment renovation without any worries.

You have any questions? Contact Grandeur Hills Group managers and get useful tips about apartment renovation right now!

With any renovation, the most expensive material is the "nerve cells"!

Entrusting us with the decoration and design of the apartment, you can be sure that you will receive the apartment you have been dreaming about for many years at the exact time. The renovation will not resemble a natural disaster, as in a well-known proverb, but it will give a lot of positive emotions, positive emotions, a good mood and will please you for many years.

We will provide you with high-quality apartment renovation with the author’s accompaniment, selection of finishing materials, furniture, lamps, plumbing, curtains, fabrics and decorative elements of the interior.

Carrying out renovation and finishing work, the specialists of our company strictly adhere to the approved interior design, estimates and statements of finishing materials. All work is carried out taking into account safety standards, technological discipline, and material requirements.

We are a full-cycle company

We offer a comprehensive range of services: we develop a design project, turn it into reality, select furniture and finishing materials, decorate the finished interior.

Typical apartment renovation

Apartment renovation
Apartment renovation

Currently, apartment renovation is one of the most demanded services in cities due to not only an increasing number of apartments, but also affordable prices, a wide range of different types of works which the renovation ordinarily includes as well as the primary importance of most of such works for tenants and apartment owners in terms of convenience of living.

Any apartment renovation has some purpose. Type of renovation primarily depends on the purpose. There are many reasons why an apartment renovation can be done, such as changing or refreshing the appearance of an apartment as a whole or some of its rooms, redeveloping its premises, improving or restoring operational characteristics of the apartment and its premises and so on.

Typical apartment renovation includes replacing old plumbing and electrical equipment with new ones, replacing floor coverings, painting walls and ceilings, wallpapering, decorating rooms and the like.

Anyway, the first stage of any apartment renovation is assessing the current condition of your apartment, determining the scope of work and time required for the renovation to be done, drawing up a plan for the upcoming renovation and a list of necessary works as well as estimating the cost of the renovation.

Of course, it is difficult for an ordinary person without having the appropriate experience and specific knowledge to count on a successful renovation. On the other hand, any mistakes made during the renovation are certain to lead to an increase in cost and time.

In this situation, hiring a professional construction team is the best solution. Today, in New York City there are many construction companies that provide apartment renovation services, but not all of them can provide you with the required quality of work.

Grandeur Hills Group has a staff of highly qualified, experienced employees of various trades who are always ready to help you with your apartment renovation. High quality, compliance with the terms of the signed contract and reasonable prices are the main reasons why people choose us.

Apartment renovation
Apartment renovation
Apartment renovation
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